I had the opportunity to work with HUD on the property preservation side in the early 2000s, which taught me a lot about what to look for in properties that were distressed. This is where I found my passion for finding ways to not only fix issues, but to prevent future ones through doing it right the first time. It was not the way of the contract yet it was the only way that made me and my staff feel we were doing the right thing for the contract. This thought process at times meant losing money, however in my opinion it is the only way to work. I was fortunate as a father to have a son that wanted to learn and be apart of my vision for helping the community become better through repairing distressed homes. It is this vision that continues to fuel our fire. Hoppy the frog reminds me every day that our team is always ready to hop to any challenge in order to build a better tomorrow for our community.

Starting in contracting at 16 years old maintaining & preserving properties in 23 different states for the federal government with my father has helped me more than I can explain in residential construction. I didn’t realize it then, but I was constantly learning pieces of the industry that now push me to look at every property as if it were my own. At this point in my career, I have experience in all areas of residential construction and have learned from my father “It’s not done until it’s done right.” This belief has not only allowed us to grow but this truly resembles what Hoppy, our green frog, means to me. When I look at that frog I think of two things: building anything we touch the right way and most importantly Hoppy the frog reminds me of all of the great teammates we have brought together along the way.



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